Relax, take your time. Breathe and Focus on your goals.

When looking back upon dark times it may be money, deadlines, pressure or demands that you place on yourself that if you set

  • goals
  • small milestones
  • objectives that are achievable
  • and a plan

That are written down then I find this helps. By making lists and adding time frames adds pressure which does not need to be added.

Manage your time by doing the biggest and most important job done… if you find you cannot focus or cannot do it because of some external or mental aspect then go and do something to clear your mind.

It sound easy but it is not.

People go a walk.

People exercise.

If I am at work then I do the medial jobs on my job so that everything feels like it has been achieved when my state improves. Jobs like sorting folders out on the server; filing paper; doing the SEO; social media inputs etc

Do something and break that cycle

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